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In this game, the players are going to choose or create characters who have just completed a job for a well-connected and shrewd criminal, Badger. Maybe your new Blue Sun greenhorns got referred from Osiris to Persephone and they’re meeting the local so-called “crime lord”, or maybe Mal, Inara, and Jayne could be going down to the Eavesdown Docks for a tentative payday from that no-good pisspot.

The game uses the Cortex Plus system. It’s like a poker game, but with dice. There are ultimately two kinds of dice-rolling in this game: normal rolls and High-Stakes Rolls. A High-Stakes Roll is any roll where a character is removed from the action. Whoever wins a High-Stakes Roll gets to describe the action of what happens next! All other rolls establish, Step Up or Step Down (increase or decrease a die size), or remove an Asset or Complication. These Assets and Complications contribute to each side’s dice pool for the High-Stakes Roll in that scene.

If the dice are the cards, then Plot Points are the chips… and in the ‘Verse, money talks. Plot Points can be used for things like keeping more dice in a roll, keeping an Asset for an entire Episode instead of just the Scene, or for using your Big Damn Hero dice just to name a few. The players can earn Plot Points for good role playing, for creative solutions to problems, and for Stepping Down their benefits when they choose to. These aren’t the only ways, either.

I’m uploading a few PDF’s of example Character Sheets and blank ones as well. I’m also uploading a “Simple Rules” PDF I found online which should explain more clearly how things work. We can address any other questions more when we know who’s playing, when, and what we’re doing.

I’m using a combination of pre-written materials, past campaigns, prior planning, and present improvisation for this campaign. My first priority will always be our enjoyment. We’ve got enough source material to go on for quite a while – I’m excited to get started over Skype with those who would be interested.

Firefly: Thrillin' Heroics

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